A construction compactor can come in two forms: it can be in the form of a ‘jumping jack’ or a road roller. Both are used for the same purpose which is to compact crushed rock and gravel to make a surface smooth. The jumping jack has a vibrating plate and works to compact landfill in trenches designed to pass water or gas pipes. Road rollers are used for broader pathways and roads and also have a vibrating roller that compacts gravel.

About Our Compactor Leasing Solutions

In a majority of construction projects, compactors are critical when it comes to leveling floors, pathways, and roads. Without them, buildings and pathways would have uneven surfaces, and this could lead to cracked finishes and even unstable buildings. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that your construction project has the right compactors for the work that is required.

Like most construction equipment, compactors can be quite expensive and leasing them might be a better option. CMS Funding offers your small business financing services for leasing top-of-the-range compactors. This arrangement ensures that you do not have to utilize precious capital to purchase the equipment and you can return it when your construction project is completed.

Benefits of Compactor Leasing Solutions

There are many benefits of using compactors in your construction business. Compactors give your surfaces a better, more professional finish. Compactors also ensure that you have a solid foundation because the gravel and the landfill beneath is properly compacted.

Leasing compactors is a great solution that allows you to have enough compactors to get the job done without tying down your capital. This is possible because construction projects are finite, and one never knows when the next project will start and what the scale of the next project will be. You can also lease just what you need, allowing you to keep your costs in line with the scale of the project you are currently working on.

What CMS Funding Offers for Compactor Leasing

Here is a list of our compactor lease service features:

  • Application only up to $150,000
  • Simple one-page application
  • Terms ranging from 24 to 84 months
  • Master lease lines of credit
  • Fast 24-hour credit approvals
  • Prefunding options
  • Flexible terms and deferred payment options
  • 100% financing (including soft costs)
  • Finance and operating Leases
  • … and more!

Lease Compactors with the Help of CMS Funding Today

For over two decades, CMS Funding has been working with small businesses all across New Jersey to offer financing and equipment leasing services for compactors. We will not bog you down with complex application procedures, instead, we have a one-page application form. You can also expect your funding application to come through the pipeline in just 24 hours. If you are looking for financing to lease compactors for your construction project, you have a solid partner in CMS Funding.

If you have any inquiry about our leasing solutions for compactors, do not hesitate to fill out our online form or call us at (855) 793-8637 to learn more. You may also send an email to

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