Pressure Washers

Traditional cleaning methods that involve scrubbing by hand or the use of chemicals are not always the
best option to go with. A modern and more effective alternative is pressure washing. From fleet
maintenance to construction-site cleaning jobs to surface preparation, professional-duty pressure
washers are designed for a wide range of applications. This type of pressure washer, however, does not
come cheap because they may require additional commercial engines and pumps to work. If you are
looking for pressure washers but can't afford the upfront costs, you have come to the right place. CMS
Funding offers financial services for leasing pressure washers.

About Our Pressure Washer Leasing Solutions

Today, tradespeople such as car dealers, house painters and other professions are offering pressure
washing services to add value to their businesses. For example, pressure washers can be used for a quick
wash before delivering a new automobile or removing old layers of paint on a property's exterior.
Compared to standard pressure washers, industrial variants are larger and more powerful. These
benefits come at a higher price. If you need them, leasing industrial pressure washers is a smart choice.
This is where CMS Funding comes in. We provide top-notch pressure washer leasing and financing
solutions for many companies across the United States. Whether you need a single pressure washing
unit or 100 pressure washers, our funding programs ensure that you can afford them.

Benefits of Pressure Washer Leasing Solutions

By using our lease financial services, you will be able to access higher specification pressure washers at
an affordable cost. Our financing plans are flexible, and you pay a fixed rate for the duration of the
agreement. Due to the omission of hefty upfront costs, CMS Funding's solutions help improve your cash
flow. This means that your company gets the pressure washers it needs now, while you keep more cash
in the bank for other investments.

What CMS Funding Offers for Pressure Washer Leasing

Here is a list of our pressure washer lease service features:

  • Application only up to $150,000
  • Simple one-page application
  • Terms ranging from 24 to 84 months
  • Master lease lines of credit
  • Fast 24-hour credit approvals
  • Prefunding options
  • Flexible terms and deferred payment options
  • 100% financing (including soft costs)
  • Finance and operating Leases
  • … and more!

Lease Pressure Washers with the Help of CMS Funding Today

CMS Funding has been in business for over 20 years and is recognized as one of the most reliable
sources for pressure washer lease financial solutions. Our firm offers great rates, quick approval times
(within 24 hours upon receipt!), and a hassle-free application process. Enjoy complete peace of mind
knowing that our equipment leasing and financing plans for pressure washers will fit your budget and
project requirements. CMS Funding wants to ensure that all our clients have enough funds to acquire
equipment for their businesses.
If you have any inquiries about our leasing solutions for pressure washers, do not hesitate to fill out our
online form or call us at (855) 793-8637 to learn more. You may also send an email to

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