At times, it seems there must be an unwritten law that dictates the following: When equipment is
needed the most, it’s more likely to break down. It can happen with computers that are either
technologically outdated or infected, large construction and industrial machinery, and every piece of
equipment in between. If you require additional funds with which to acquire new equipment, we can be
of service. CMS Funding provides affordable and fast business loan services and equipment leasing
services for large businesses, small businesses, and medium businesses. We have proudly served Indiana
and surrounding areas for decades.

About Indiana

In the Great Lakes region of the United States, Indiana is the 17th most populous and 38th largest state
by area. Bordered by Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan, it has a population of roughly 6.695 million
residents. Juxtaposed with heavy industry, some of the most popular tourist attractions in Indiana are
Lake Michigan’s beaches. With one of the highest manufacturing employment rates in the United States,
manufacturing remains a large part of Indiana’s income. Leading Indiana exports are electric machinery,
medical and optical equipment, industrial machinery, pharmaceutical products, and motor vehicles.

Equipment Leasing Solutions in Indiana

Can’t decide whether to buy or lease new equipment? You might want to go ahead and purchase
equipment if you have the cash on hand and your project requirements are basically small. Leasing may
be a far better solution, however, if a substantial amount of equipment is needed (for example, you’ve
got 30 new employees who all need computers). With the latter solution, your company will be better
assured of funds with which to grow.
For the following types of equipment, CMS Funding has years of experience providing financial
● LED Lighting
● Computer Software
● Printing Equipment
● Photography Equipment
● POS Equipment
● Computers
● Testing Equipment
● Laundry Equipment
● Auto Repair Equipment
● Trailers
● … and more!

Working Capital Loans In Indiana

If, for months down the line, you don’t want to budget for repayments, applying for a working capital
loan is an excellent option. When you work with CMS Funding, you won’t need to put up any collateral
to acquire the needed funding. Our goal is to help you stay in business!
Rest assured that our in-depth knowledge of various business needs is extensive at CMS Funding. We
have assisted numerous Indiana-based businesses including the following:
● Laundromats and Drycleaners
● Freight Transportation Companies
● Jewelry Stores
● Wholesale Durable Goods
● E-Commerce Companies
● Auditors and Accountants
● Wholesale Durable Goods
● Furniture and Equipment Retailers
● Auto Repairs and Body Shops
● Business Services
● Beauty Salons and Spas
● … and more!

Choose CMS Funding for Top-Notch Indiana Business Loans and Equipment Leasing Solutions

Whether you are applying for an equipment lease or a working capital loan, we are here to assist you.
Our representatives can help determine the ideal funding option for your needs because they are well-
versed in a wide array of business requirements. Trusted as a premium service provider in Indiana, CMS
Funding is accredited by NEFA – the National Equipment Finance Association.
If you have any inquiries regarding our business loans and equipment leasing solutions in Indiana, don’t
hesitate to use our online form now. Alternatively, you may call us at (855) 793-8637 or email us at

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