If you happen to be an aspiring business owner but do not know how to go about finding equipment, CMS Funding is the place for you! Many new business owners have insufficient capital to purchase necessary equipment, but this is a problem that can be easily resolved. Our company provides the best equipment leasing and financing solutions for any business. This can range from opening a motel along a lake to the medical field.

About Minnesota

Minnesota is located in the northern regions of the United States. Also known as L’Étoile du Nord, or Star of the North, it is well-known for having many lakes. Being the 12th largest state in terms of area, it has large propensity for people to start their own businesses. Although Minnesota had its roots in trading and agricultural industries, the manufacturing sector in this modern age now consists of the biomedical field and technology firms. A useful fact about this state is that it has a progressive income tax structure.

Equipment Leasing Solutions in Minnesota

It is wise to understand that businesses require regular revamps for their technology in order to stay relevant in their industries. With CMS Funding, it is easy for business owners to update their technological equipment whenever necessary. This not only helps to maintain high levels of productivity but helps to conserve precious working capital that can be used for other recurring business expenses.

As a state that is technology savvy, it is crucial that business owners constantly look for ways to improve and quicken their processes. Additionally, it reduces the struggle in trying to sell equipment that already has been deemed obsolete.

CMS Funding has years of experience providing financial solutions for the following types of equipment:

  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Track Loaders
  • Skid Steers / CTL
  • Compaction Rollers
  • Excavators
  • Testing Equipment
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Trailers
  • Auto Repair Equipment
  • Computers
  • … and many more!

 Working Capital Loans in Minnesota

CMS Funding can provide quick financial solutions for leasing the equipment crucial for your businesses. You will be pleased to know that we approve working capital loan applications regardless of the applicant’s past credit histories.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our company has in-depth knowledge of various business needs. Since our inception, CMS Funding has funded Minnesota-based businesses, including:

  • Advertising Services
  • Employment Agencies
  • Placement Agencies
  • Computer Programming Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • E-Commerce or Internet Sales businesses
  • Equipment and Furniture Retailers
  • Wholesale Durable Goods Retailers
  • Gas Station with Convenience Stores
  • Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers
  • … and more!

Choose CMS Funding for Top-Notch Minnesota Business Loans and Equipment Leasing Solutions

CMS Funding has established itself as a giant in the equipment leasing and financing industries. Since our inception over 20 years ago, the reason that our company has been able to sustain all these years is that we are committed to giving customers the best customer service. We work extremely hard to meet the rigorous demands of our valued customers round the clock.

With our extremely simple application process, clients can apply and expect to be contacted by a member of our team all within 24 hours. Also, rest assured that our company provides the most competitive rates in Maryland and strives to give our customers only the best value for money.

If you have any inquiries about our business loans and equipment leasing solutions in Minnesota, don’t hesitate to use our online form now. Alternatively, you may call us at  (855) 793-8637 or email us at admin@cmsfunding.com.

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